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Strengthen your intimate connection and have a lot more fun in your relationship with our patent pending technology. Simply tap the app when you’re feeling even the least bit frisky. If your partner happens to tap too, you’re both notified to put down your phones and get to it!

There are countless apps to help singles find love but not enough couples’ apps to help keep the love alive in a long-term relationship. That’s why LoveSync is here to spice things up with your significant other! This revolutionary new app is the first of its kind and is here to maximize the romantic possibilities of your relationship.

Never miss a chance for romance with LoveSync because we give you the love nudge you need. Now, you can stop wondering if your partner is in the mood for a little fun under the covers. With LoveSync, you can act on every impulse, knowing it will only be shared with your partner if your impulses match. This means you’ll never put any pressure on your partner because they won’t know you’re feeling frisky unless they’re feeling it too. This lets you take advantage of organic opportunities more often and achieve surprising highs in your sex life.

LoveSync is perfect for:

  • Happy couples who would like to get under the covers more often
  • Couples in a marriage who want to improve their sex life
  • Shy couples looking for a love nudge

How LoveSync helps keep the romance alive:

  • Discreet Desires: If you’re in the mood but are unsure about your partner, just tap the app. If only you tap, your partner never knows. But, if your partner’s also feeling frisky and has tapped their app, LoveSync recognizes that you’re both privately thinking the same thing and lets you know that your moods are matched.
  • Time-Bound Requests: Sometimes you only have time for a quickie, but other times you’re ready to go all night long. With LoveSync you can pick the time for which you’re up for having some fun. The time options range from 15 minutes to 24 hours.

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