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LoveSync App

Communicate sexually with your partner in the simplest way possible, with the press of a button.

Wanna get down? You tap your LoveSync app. If your partner has also tapped their app, your moods are matched! You’re both notified to put down your phones and get to it! Don’t hold back – tap every time you’re feeling frisky, your partner will only know how you’re feeling if they are feeling the same.

The magic of LoveSync

  • Discreet Desires – If you’re in the mood but are unsure about your partner, just tap the app. If only you tap, your partner never knows. But, if your partner’s also feeling frisky and has tapped their app, LoveSync recognizes that you’re both privately thinking the same thing and lets you know that your moods are matched.
  • Time-Bound Requests – Sometimes you only have time for a quickie, but other times you’re ready to go all night long. With LoveSync you can pick the time you’re up for having some fun, from 15 minutes to 24 hours.

There are countless apps to help singles find love but not enough couples’ apps to help keep the love alive in a long-term relationship. LoveSync is a revolutionary new couples’ app that will maximize the romantic possibilities of your relationship.

Still not convinced about the life-changing benefits? LoveSync is free to download and use, so see for yourself, you’ve got nothing to lose

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