FAQ | LoveSync
  • Is this just for people who won’t talk to each other about sex?
  • Not at all. We have found that even couples who are generally pretty open about sex in their relationship won’t make a move at every impulse. By filling out their desire spectrum, LoveSync takes these couples from a good sex life to a great one!
  • Does this replace foreplay?
  • Though LoveSync will significantly reduce the number of failed foreplay attempts targeted at trying to find out if your partner is “in the mood”, foreplay itself is an important psychological and physiological aspect of healthy sex. Please don’t look at this as a way to short change your partner. Also, don’t forget, foreplay can still be effective when your partner is low on the desire spectrum, but high enough to be persuadable 😉
  • Will this make any difference if our sex drive is low?
  • Award-winning psychotherapist Dr. Jenn Mann has said “Sex begets sex. The more you have, the more you want. Both men and women have testosterone in their bodies, and when you don’t have sex for a while, your testosterone levels drop. Since testosterone is a big contributor to sex drive, that means your libido drops too.” — We’re confident that even with your currently low drive, you will eventually experience more occasions where you sync as a result of LoveSync, resultantly, your drives will begin to rebound as well.
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