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LoveSync Button Set

A set of two LoveSync Buttons connected with an extra long USB cord for ideal placement flexibility.


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Weight .34 kg
Dimensions 20 × 13 × 3 cm

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Frequently Asked Questions
Why the cords and not wireless?
We wanted to make sure that the buttons never had a dead battery, and that your desire messages would be synced up at ALL times. The absolute most reliable way of accomplishing these things is with a wired connection. Having them wired also ensures they aren’t easily misplaced.
What if the other person isn’t near the buttons?
LoveSync Button’s ability to allow for setting extended time periods for when you’d be up for gettin’ down is useful in situations where you’re out and about from the bedroom. Just hang out for about 5 seconds after tapping the button, and you’ll know if your partner had already tapped-in earlier. If you see swirling lights, go find them and make your move with confidence!
What do I tell my kids the buttons are for?
We don’t encourage lying, but you don’t need to be too specific… Something like this usually suffices: “You know how sometimes we can’t agree on things? These help us figure out when we are in agreement on something.”
Why isn’t it just an app?
Dedicated LoveSync hardware has advantages over an app for a number of reasons:
Not everyone keeps their mobile devices at their bedside making LoveSync technology unavailable when you need it most. — Oh, and if you do currently keep your mobile devices in the bedroom, you might find that leaving them out will result in fewer distractions from your partner and more glowing buttons 😉
Frequently, users find they have an impulse and discreetly tap their buttons late in the evening or during the night when getting out a mobile device would be obvious and defeat the purpose.


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