App Help | LoveSync

To make sure you Never Miss a Chance for Romance, LoveSync uses push notifications. If you chose not to enable them during installation, you can turn them on later through the link in the app’s settings menu.

No. This is the uniqueness of LoveSync. Only if they are having a similar desire as you during the time period you set will both of you then be notified.

Yes. Press the “Reset” button on the screen that says “Hang tight!”. The timer will be reset back to 0 and no one but you will know you changed your mind.

You can either press and hold the LoveSync button to increase the time, or tap it multiple times to increment from a minimum of 15 minutes to a maximum of 8 hrs.

If you want to go to a lower time than what is currently indicated, just tap “Reset” and then enter a new, lower time.

You can’t directly add more time, but you can reset the existing time and then set a new, longer time.

To do this you need to first un-partner from your current one. In Settings, tap “Unlink Partner”. After confirming, go to the partner screen and select “Add Partner” to invite a new partner.

The timer simply expires and no one but you knows of your past desire. You two just weren’t sync’d that time.

No problem, your partner must have been distracted with other things for a bit. But don’t give up! Since it’s totally rejection free, simply tap the app privately whenever you’re even the least bit frisky. Over time, you’re sure to find more opportunities for fun that would otherwise have been missed without LoveSync.

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